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ROUTES CENTRAL ANTIQUE - San Gregorio Armeno and art crib

Itinerary Nativity - " Naples is the crib and the crib is Naples ." The starting point is the Piazza del Gesù which owes its name to the Church of the Gesu Nuovo . Take Via Benedetto Croce , after few meters we find ourselves in front of the arch that leads into the complex of S. Chiara . Here is preserved the classic Jesuit crib , which meets the fees imposed by the church , but it also breaks out the popularity of scenes full of characters . Returning to Via Benedetto Croce . A few meters ahead on the left at the intersection with Via S. Sebastian, we will find ourselves in front of the Church of St. Marta : the crib is positioned on the back wall of a room , its characteristic is the cave illuminated by its own light . Returning to Via Benedetto Croce will continue to Piazza S. Domenico Maggiore, where is located the basilica , after about ten meters , not wander right into Paladin to reach the Church of Jesus Old here there is preserved a nineteenth century nativity scene featuring figures of actual height . At the exit , proceeding in the direction towards Via S. Biagio dei Booksellers are beginning to see the first stores that have exposure shepherds , animals, small parts, equipment and other objects crib . On the left is the famous Via S. Gregorio Armeno . Here is the center of production and sale of the shepherds . Further down the road we are located at the entrance of the Church of S. Lorenzo Maggiore, where are preserved two glass containing a hundred walnut shells inside with tiny crib scenes and biblical inspiration . Interesting in this church a representation of the Giotto school in a nativity with Madonna lying on the bed of the birth of Jesus and washing Do not miss the nativity scene of the Banco di Napoli , all original pieces of 700, exhibited at the Royal Palace . In S. Maria del Parto , a Mergellina , are kept in a cramped space , five statues belonging to one of the cribs built by Giovanni da Nola in 500. In the Museum of St. On the hill of S. Martino Elmo the core crib there is a rich collection of individual figures of characters , often caricatured as once in the 40 pastors of the legacy deformed Carrara and the many fine scenes of group 's Nativity scene hidden within a mastodon cork depicting the Temple of Neptune Paestum, the work of Lorenzo Taglioni 's Nativity scene of the Carthusians , the tiled Giustiniani , the rich Crib Ricciardi tied to the state in 1917 and the famous , immense theater of Cuciniello , whose donation dates back to 1877 , and then again , the donation Perrone , received in 1971 in which encircle purchases , bequests and donations minor and precious presepino of silver and coral, in "under delivery" from the Royal Palace of Caserta since 1948. Do not forget the Madonna lying the oldest Neapolitan nativity scene in 1340 , the remaining statues of the nativity scene in 1478 of the two Alemanni for the Church of S. Giovanni a Carbonara and the sixteenth century that Giovanni da Nola made ​​for the church of San Giuseppe Maggiore or the Carpenters .